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All Bark, No Byte


August 20, 2008 · No Comments · How-To

So you’ve found my blog, you’ve noticed that every now and then I offer chocolate to the first person to comment, but you’re hesitant about commenting. Maybe you’re not sure how to comment or maybe you’re not sure how you feel about being “published” on the internet. Hopefully this post will help you feel ready to take that next step.

How do I comment?

Here’s a short video that demonstrates how to comment on a blog post.

How to comment on a blog post

I’ve taken the following commenting guidelines from Robiny, an ITS at Ridgeview. She wrote them this summer for the Web2.0 class I’m always mentioning. Thanks Robin!

What Makes A Good Comment?

Comments like “Cool,” “I Agree, ” or “Nice job” don’t extend the thinking of the blogger. It just fills up space in the comment section. Consider posing a question or giving a personal account on why you agree or disagree with what they have written.

  • Question stems to consider:
    • Tell me more about…
    • Did you also consider…
    • How about….

Comments let the writer know you are listening. You can influence the writer of the blog with a well written comment. Bloggers do change their minds all the time, and you could be the catalyst.

Share something about yourself when you comment. Bloggers like to know more about those who are reading them. You can also make a profile or leave a link back to your own blog. This lets the blogger know more about yourself and where you are coming from. Links also let allow readers of the blog to find your blog and become part of your community or network.

If your disagree with the blogger, don’t be harsh, don’t get personal, and keep it simple. People are always more likely to receive a different opinion if they believe the other person has shown respect to them. So explain what you like about what they have written, and briefly explain what you disagree about. Keep sarcasm out of it, and remember facial expressions and tone of voice don’t translate well in the written word. Remember to not attack the blogger, but focus on the topic.


Are you ready to start commenting? I’m looking forward to it.


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